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Bathroom Rug Runners

bathroom rug runners

Bridge: bedroom loft to studio loft

Bridge: bedroom loft to studio loft

This is one way to get to the music studio. We built a 9' by 3?' bridge between the bedroom and the studio. It will (eventually) have railings or something, but for now, you just want to make sure you're in the middle. It is very strong, there are 4, 2"x12" joists supporting it all the way across, and both ends are anchored very securely. It has to be; some of the studio gear is very, very heavy, particularly larger amps, such as bass amps. The bridge surface is made out of 1"x12" pine, stained to match the stairs and the rest of the wood in the house.

The runner is a fragment we had left after doing the stairs. Need a longer one, but for now, it'll do.

You'll note the studio floor isn't finished over there. That's a bit of a problem. If I put rug in there, I'll have static. static hates electronics; ergo, I hate static. If I put linoleum, same problem. Real ceramic tile is a possibility, but that's a huge job, and results in an uneven floor. Maybe just some oak plywood and stain? If anyone has any ideas, I'm all ears.

Leaving the apartment.

Leaving the apartment.

The open door is the bathroom. The other door (which opens inward) is the bedroom. I am thinking updated track lighting for the hall and a nice rug runner.

bathroom rug runners

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