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Faux fur rug white : Cooks carpets.

Faux Fur Rug White

faux fur rug white

faux fur rug white - Flokati Faux

Flokati Faux Fur Rugs 4 x 6 (GREY)

Flokati Faux Fur Rugs 4 x 6 (GREY)

The look and feel of real fur...even the rabbits are jealous! Our new unique line of superior quality "Cotton Tail" faux fur area rugs are definitely unlike any "faux rug" on the REAL savings! Brush your fingers across the thick, silky soft pile - the Cotton Tail has the texture & sheen of real fur! In fact, the Cotton Tail Collection is BETTER than real fur - each rug is 100% hypoallergenic (no sneezing or shedding), high-quality Japanese made Kanecaron synthetic fur (the same material as your Barbie doll hair), machine washable, easy care, and fire-resistant. Choose from 8 beautiful colors: White...Black...Chocolate...Brown...Tan... Pink... Blue...Grey All rugs have a durable, soft felt non-slip back - double-layered for superior cushion...Whether sitting on the wood floor in front of the fire, or enjoying dinner in your tiled kitchen, your feet will feel comfortable and warm. Add the look & feel of real fur to your home, and try our superior quality Cotton Tail rugs - at prices that won't endanger your wallet! CUSTOM SIZES AVAILABLE please call for details.

84% (7)

New Bedroom Assemblage

New Bedroom Assemblage

So I've Been Thinking of New Ideas for My boyfriends new apartment bedroom. We want it brighter and a theme and AWESOME ;D! So I decided a 'woodland theme' would be fab!

So Here is some bits and pieces of it but it will look loads better once its in real life lol

the bed is from ikea he had the dark brown wood one in the same style but broke it moving it himself lol. and i think the lighter wood, would look brighter so thats a plus

the duvet and pillow cases are from urban outfitters and are super cute and bright.

that orange velvet pillow will go the bed in the middle of the 2 pillows to add a pop of color

the teeny gold frame i actually big in real life will go above the bed and have that cardboard deer head in the middle of it. (i also purchased 4 awesome post cards that some artist from portland did that i need to scan to show you but they will get framed in gold gaughty frames and have 2 on each side of the deer head).
(Oh and PS: the deer is obviously cause im in love with deers and what woodland theme room would be without a deer?)

the white dresser is jeremes already its isaac mizrahi and amazing so it will work out on the side of the dresser im putting that orange vintage chair next to it. (i have it i got it for like $5 at a garage sale!) and infront of the dresser will be that faux fur rug :D and a cutie pie pillow tree branch will be on the chair!

those tree stump tables are actually cardboard! yet they hold 308lbs! i got them at target i got 2 for side tables for the bed and the white globe lamps are from ikea and will go on the side tables

and of course some blue sheer curtains for the windows

along with (not pictured) i have some gnomes and some tree stumps and loads of deers and awesome shelves for the room .

believe me it will look awesome :D

set up shot

set up shot

it was such a gray and rainy day :( I bounced my external flash for about 1/2 the session. Newborn sessions have not been all that fun for me lately, at one time I wanted to exclusively do, not so much, I long to get outside and shoot some little ones from 6 months and up! These newborns are such hard work, long hours in session and longer hours editing. I had a lot of editing to do on this session this sweet guy had a lot of red blotches and dry skin flakes.

faux fur rug white

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